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Vincit is Finland's leading and an internationally growing top specialist company in digital business. We focus on two service business areas in the Nordic countries and the USA: our goal is to be a partner for customers in transforming commercial abilities and accelerating digital development.

Companies in midst of a business model transformation need more agile strategic partners to support their digital business transformation journey. A comprehensive customer experience, sustainable digital business models and new ways of utilizing data throughout value chains are change drivers for growth-oriented companies.
Vincit’s offering that was renewed with the Bilot merger combines business-driven design, tailored software development, data capabilities and extensive expertise, especially in SAP ecosystem technologies.

On the other hand, as customers' digital maturity grows, purchasing behavior moves from conventional project deliveries to building the best teams in customers’ own digital service development units. At the same time, the employee market for digital experts is in a transition as location-independent work is becoming more common and alternatives are increasing. Vincit's strong reputation as a home for top digital experts provides an excellent growth base to continue accelerating customers' digital development projects.

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