Market review

Market review

From Helsinki to California

We have offices in Finland, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and in the USA.

The majority of our net sales comes from the Finnish IT service market, however we have established a solid track record and presence in the US market. We expect the US business to become an increasingly significant part of our entire business.

Growth drivers for the market

Accelerating digitalization boosts market growth

Digitalization as a megatrend is still growing as it is becoming a more critical element in business and society. Digitalization requires vast resources to build, integrate and maintain new applications - and new technologies being developed with increasing speed - which is why the long-term demand fundamentals of IT consulting companies are strong.

IT service companies offer a good opportunity for the investor to invest in the digitalization trend with a more limited risk profile.

IT is a critical area of companies’ business, strategy and operations

Digital has grown from a supportive function to a driving force of business transformation. Modern businesses today evolve and change through it. This development means companies need to actively make sure that the organisation, its people, processes and stakeholders are part of the change. Today, digital has a key role in business to drive business innovation, growth and efficiency, which verifies its role as part of business in the future as well.

IT consultancies stay relevant as the enablers of digital transformation

Digital transformation requires knowledge, competencies and resources that tend to be outside the core areas of businesses. Therefore the need for IT consultancies stay strong, as they are able to support and enable the transformation with the required skills and knowledge. Even though companies have started to build these competencies for themselves as well, the growing need for digital transformation in all industries keeps the demand for external support strong.

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