Business areas

Business areas

We turn digital into business results

Vincit’s business comprises two areas: the Service business in Europe (Vincit Europe) and the US (Vincit USA), and the Product
business focusing on the Finnish market. Majority of our revenue comes from our Services business.

A partner in business transformation and an accelerator of digitalization

In recent years, we have shaped our Services business from the role of an IT project supplier towards a strategic partner for business-critical processes and systems. Our goal is to be the trusted partner for our clients in the transformation of their commercial capabilities and in accelerating digital development.

Our Services business forms a logical chain between the development, commercialization and ongoing maintenance of digital solutions, extending our projects deeper into our clients’ business processes.

The merger with Vincit and Bilot Oyj in 2022 strengthened our capabilities especially in SAP technologies, data and integration expertise. Now we are able to leverage leading enterprise software and cloud-based technology platforms (including SAP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Snowflake and Adobe), combined with design-thinking, data & AI, and agile custom software development. This has further strengthened our position as a strategic partner, while at the same time our customer engagements have become more continuous, and we have further enhanced our IT service management capabilities.

Our services include

  • Winning experiences & digital solutions
  • Growth with commerce & engagement
  • Business direction with data & analytics
  • Efficiency with core processes and platforms
  • Value with continuous services and DevOps

Our solutions include

  • Data, AI and analytics
  • SAP enterprise solutions
  • Web / Mobile applications
  • Digital commerce, portals and marketplaces
  • Product information management
  • IoT and embedded systems Integrations

The industries we serve

  • Wholesale and retail
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Public sector
  • Energy and utilities
  • Digital platform economy
  • Banking, finance, and insurance
  • Medical devices manufacturers


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