The cornerstones of our strategy are (updated 15.12.2022):

  • Vincit wants to be a partner for customers in transforming commercial capabilities and accelerating digital development

  • In the Nordic countries, Vincit is strengthening a new business-oriented position, where Vincit's competitive advantage is a unique combination of design thinking, modern agile development, customized application development and Enterprise-level system expertise, especially in SAP ecosystem technologies

  • Vincit invests in growth in the United States, where the digital development market is several times larger than the whole of Europe and the risk of a recession is lower

  • Vincit continues to develop its global delivery capability and thus offers customers the best experts competitively

  • Vincit will continue to be a top expert company, preferred and recommended by the best experts and customers, aiming for the best customer experience and excellent employer reputation in the industry

  • The updated strategy will not lead to any changes to Vincit's product business

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