Please find unofficial translations of Vincit's stock exchange releases below.

30 November, 2023

Vincit's change negotiations have been concluded

27 November, 2023

Vincit Plc’s financial reporting and Annual General Meeting in 2024

24 November, 2023

Vincit Plc resolved on a new long-term incentive plan and a directed share issue for key employees

26 October, 2023

Vincit Plc's business review January 1 – September 30, 2023 (unaudited): Vincit's revenue decreased, profitability improved

11 October, 2023

Inside information: Vincit initiates change negotiations in Finland to ensure the company's renewal and competitiveness

6 October, 2023

Composition of the Shareholders’ Nomination Committee of Vincit Plc

12 September, 2023

Jens Krogell appointed as Chief Commercial Officer of Vincit

27 July, 2023

Vincit Plc Half-Year Financial Report 2023

6 July, 2023

Kimmo Kärkkäinen appointed CFO of Vincit

21 June, 2023

Inside information, Profit warning: Vincit Oyj lowers its guidance for 2023 regarding revenue and adjusted EBIT

25 May, 2023

Transfer of treasury shares held by Vincit Plc to pay the remuneration of the Board of Directors

11 May, 2023

Vincit updates its Leadership Team composition, plans changes to the organization structure and launches change negotiations in service delivery

Changes in the Leadership Team: Vincit’s CFO will change

27 April, 2023

Business review January 1 - March 31, 2023

26 April, 2023

Decisions of Vincit Oyj's Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors 2023